June 24, 2024

Mickey D’s Global Outage: Third Party Problem


McDonald’s blames global outage on third party

McDonald’s blames global outage on third party

McDonald’s, the popular fast food chain, recently experienced a global outage that left thousands of customers unable to place orders or access their favorite menu items. The company has since issued a statement attributing the outage to a third-party vendor.

According to McDonald’s spokesperson, the outage was caused by a technical issue with a third-party provider that handles the company’s digital ordering and delivery systems. This resulted in disruptions to McDonald’s mobile app, website, and delivery services in various countries around the world.

In response to the outage, McDonald’s IT teams worked quickly to resolve the issue and restore service to customers. The company has also stated that they are taking steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Despite the inconvenience for customers, McDonald’s has apologized for the disruption and thanked customers for their patience and understanding during the outage.