June 24, 2024

Privacy Policy

Welcome to https://kibntv.com/ (the ‘Site’). We acknowledge the importance of online privacy for users of our Site, especially in the context of conducting business. This statement outlines our privacy policies regarding Visitors who browse the Site without engaging in transactions and Authorized Customers who register to transact business and use the Services offered by us.

‘Personally Identifiable Information’ includes any details that can identify an individual, such as name, address, phone number, email, etc. This does not cover anonymous information or demographic data not tied to a specific person.

What information is collected as Personally Identifiable Information?

We gather basic user profile details from all Visitors and additional information from our Authorized Customers, like names, addresses, contact information, business nature, and advertising inventory details.

Who collects this information?

Other than our direct data collection, third-party service providers like credit card companies may also gather information from Visitors and Authorized Customers for services like credit, insurance, etc. These third parties are expected to disclose their usage of the provided information.

How is Personally Identifiable Information used?

This information is used to personalize the Site, offer suitable services, and facilitate buying and selling transactions. We may also contact Visitors and Authorized Customers regarding research opportunities, transactions, or related information.

With whom can this information be shared?

We may share Personally Identifiable Information with other Authorized Customers for potential transactions. Aggregated information about our Visitors may also be shared with affiliates and third-party vendors.

How is this information stored?

The collected Personally Identifiable Information is securely stored and not accessible to unauthorized individuals.

What choices do Visitors have in terms of their information?

Visitors and Authorized Customers have the option to opt out of receiving unsolicited communications or being contacted by us or our partners.

Are Cookies utilized on the Site?

Cookies are used for gathering Visitor preferences and for security purposes, especially with Authorized Customers.

How does the Site use login information?

Login information is employed for analysis, site administration, tracking user activity, and demographic statistics.

What parties have access to Personally Identifiable Information?

Partners and service providers may access this information if necessary for evaluating service eligibility.

How is Personally Identifiable Information kept secure?

We have strict security measures and encryption protocols in place to protect this information. Regular audits are conducted to ensure data security.

How can Visitors correct any inaccuracies in their information?

Visitors and Authorized Customers can contact us to update or correct their Personally Identifiable Information.

Can Visitors delete or deactivate their collected information?

Visitors and Authorized Customers have the option to delete/deactivate their information from our database upon request.

What happens in case of Privacy Policy changes?

If any changes occur, we will notify our Visitors and Authorized Customers by posting updates on the Site. Individuals who may be impacted will be contacted to prevent disclosure of their Personally Identifiable Information.


https://kibntv.com/ contains links to external websites. We advise reading the privacy policies of these sites as they may vary from ours.